*The Ark’s pets available for adoption can be viewed on Adopt-a-pet.

Processes for Adopting An Ark Animal
There are two programs that the Ark uses when adopting an animal. 

  • Adult adoption program
  • Foster to Adopt (FTA) program

The adult adoption program is for animals that have received all of their vaccinations, have been spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and are up-to-date on all heartworm and flea/tick/worm preventatives. When adopted, these animals will go to a new home on a 2-week trial period. Individuals interested in adopting an animal will leave a check for the adoption fee with the Ark. The Ark will hold the check during the 2-week trial period giving the family time to make a final decision about the animal. 

The purpose for the 2-week trial is to ensure that the animal fits into the family and that everyone, including the animal is happy with the new living arrangement. If the animal doesn’t fit into your family, then you return it to the Ark and will receive a refund on the adoption fee.

The foster to adopt program (FTA) works a little differently than the adult adoption program. This program was designed for those animals that come to the Ark that aren’t old enough to have all of their vaccinations or be spayed/neutered, such as puppies and kittens or those that have medical conditions that need to be treated before all vaccinations and spaying/neutering can occur. 

The foster to adopt program allows individuals to take an animal home only after signing an agreement with the Ark that states that they are responsible for taking the animal to the Ark’s veterinarian for vaccinations and spaying/neutering. The adoptee is given a vaccination schedule and they are to make the appointments with our vet at the Ark’s expense. 

Adopters pay the adoption fee up front and it will be held until after the veterinarian confirms that all vaccinations and spaying/neutering has occurred, then the adoptee will return to the Ark to complete the final adoption paperwork.  Animals in the foster to adopt program are still considered Ark animals until the adoptee adheres to the FTA contract regarding vaccinations and spaying/neutering. Only then will the adoption be final. If the adoptee does not adhere to the FTA contract, the animal must be returned to the Ark. If the animal doesn’t fit into your family, it can be returned to the Ark for a refund.