The Ark was incorporated as a non-profit, “no kill” animal shelter on March 6, 1990 by Nina Beal.
The Ark’s mission statement is…

  • To rescue as many homeless animals as possible.
  • To provide all veterinary care for each animal to include spaying/neutering before adoption.
  • To maintain a no kill policy except for reasons of mercy or dangerous temperament.
  • To promote humane treatment of animals.

The Ark provides all veterinarian preventatives to include: juvenile spay/neuter, shelter,
food and a loving “at home” environment for rescued animals while they wait to be adopted into a new loving home. The Ark operates solely on donations and fundraisers and receives no city, county, state or federal funding.
The Ark also has no paid employees. Volunteers from the community help out at the shelter caring for the
rescued animals as well as returning telephone calls. If not for caring citizens, the Ark could not operate.
The Ark serves our community by:

  • Rescuing sick, abandoned and injured animals
  • Constructing and maintaining a no-kill animal shelter
  • Rescuing as many animals as possible from the City Animal Control Shelter before they are put to death
  • Starting the first juvenile animal spay/neuter program to ensure ALL animals adopted from the ARK are spayed or neutered before adoption

All contributions to the Ark Inc. are tax deductible.